The Wilkes Artis Advantage

  • Experience: Wilkes Artis employs 14 full-time attorneys who are devoted exclusively to real property tax appeals and condemnation litigation. We have over 300 years of collective experience contesting assessments in The District, Maryland and Virginia and have been instrumental in shaping the applicable laws in each jurisdiction. Our attorneys are supported by an experienced, professional staff of analysts, paralegals and legal assistants all working towards one common goal – ensuring your property is fairly assessed.
  • Local Knowledge: As an investor in or manager of commercial real estate, you are aware of the critical impact local market conditions have on your investment. Property assessments and appeals are no different. Shouldn’t your property tax attorney be focused on the local jurisdiction? This is one of the founding principles of Wilkes Artis. Each of our thirteen full-time attorneys concentrates in one of the three surrounding jurisdictions – The District, Maryland and Virginia. This jurisdictional-specific approach allows our attorneys to become knowledgeable in local market conditions, applicable law and assessment practices and procedures. It also allows our attorneys to become intimately familiar with the individuals involved in the assessment process – from the line assessors, to the supervisors, to the members of the various adjudicatory bodies we appear before. This familiarity provides us with unique insights into the appeal process that those who are focused on multiple jurisdictions simply do not possess.
  • Market Information: Information is central to any successful assessment appeal. Our position as the area’s leading firm in real property assessment appeals affords us access to a vast quantity of market information. In a field where information is paramount, Wilkes Artis is able to leverage this information for the benefit of our clients.
  • Results: Wilkes Artis consistently delivers superior results to its clients driven by our experience, expertise and scale. Don’t take our word for it – look at what the market says. Wilkes Artis represents a significant portion of the large commercial properties in the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan areas, and we are proud to represent the vast majority of the major players in the area. There is a reason our clients stay with us – results.
  • Full Service: Wilkes Artis offers a wide array of real property assessment services including periodic reports on the appeal status of each property, billing and refund assistance, income reporting consultation, and real property tax estimates. We consider these comprehensive services essential to our clients and they are delivered at no additional charge.