MD Tax Timeline

Maryland Real Property Tax Timeline


December 31
State begins mailing Notices of Assessment for properties being reassessed for the new
triennial. Deadline for filing Petitions for Review for properties not being reassessed.

January 1
Date of valuation for appeals.

Approximate deadline to appeal Notices of Assessment (45 days from mailing).

Assessor-level hearings. Owners of income-producing property must provide Wilkes Artis with income and expense information and rent rolls for the prior three years.

May-April Following Year
Property Tax Assessment and Appeals Board (PTAAB) and Tax Court Hearings held over the next twelve months.

June 15
Deadline to submit income and expense information and rent rolls to the State for properties being reassessed next triennial.

July 1
Counties mail real estate tax bills and post them online.

September 30
Real estate tax bills  due.


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